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Engineering & Project

Drawing up the electrical project is necessary for enabling electrical usage in new constructions.

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Lightning Protection Installation

To protect buildings and homes from lightning strikes, devices called lightning rods should be installed in locations close to the sky.

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Grounding Testing

Grounding resistance (earth resistance)" is the reaction displayed by the ground while conducting electrical current.

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Thermal Testing

It offers an excellent solution for detecting excessive heat in electrical systems.

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Installation Compliance Certificate

Our authorized technical personnel conduct inspections of the electrical installations and produce compliance inspection reports.

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Transformer Maintenance

We are one of the few firms in our region specializing in transformer maintenance and repair, serving our city exclusively.

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Oil Purification

The oil purification device filters transformer oil under vacuum, reducing carbon-based particles, water, and oxygen to acceptable levels, allowing the oil to be reused.

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Transformer Tests

ETM Engineering holds a Service Competency Certificate approved by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

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Power Factor Monitoring

Through our developed Energy Monitoring System at ETM, meter readings are centrally logged into a centralized system.

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